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Why we choose natural wine every time

At Strange town it is essential to us that we give back to our environment, and one way we do this is supporting small production in all avenues. Natural wine to us is a way of life. We want to share with our guests the beauty and nuance of wine created with minimal intervention, where the ingredients are simply grapes, and time. We want you to taste the true potential of the grape, while supporting permaculture, small scale farming, and entrepreneurs. Natural wine production works symbiotically with the ecosystem, providing habitat to fauna and flora.  Most natural wine companies are quite small. It's a husband and wife duo or two sisters who inherited land or some of our personal favorites, winemakers  who persist with out inherited wealth or land, and rent, share or borrow space for their craft. Creators who follow their passions.

Scratch kitchen

here at strange town, its almost all made in house. We want to highlight the work and attention to detail our farmers put into their vegetables, and remind our guests of the myriads of things that fruits and vegetables can do!  We create satiating, interesting cuisine, grown locally, made by hand in tiny batches, in our tiny kitchen.

Small farm

Sustainability does not just stop at our kitchen doors. It is carried throughout our restaurant. we want to support other small businesses, most importantly the local farmers that provide us with fresh, delicious organic fruits, vegetables, and grains. supporting local and small is incredible important here at ST. We love Wisconsin and enjoy highlighting the bounty it has to offer each season.