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Let Strange Town cater for you and your loved ones

Stange Town has been catering  Milwaukee area events since it began. We can kit your event up with a unique bar program, flavorfull plant based dishes paired with tasty natural wines.

All natural
Lot’s of
Top quality
curated list

Make your event special with our unique dishes and natural wines

Tasty dishes with natural wine parings
Make special dishes for folx with allergies and sensitivities
Make special dishes for folx with allergies and sensitivities

Serving 5-10? ok! No problem at all. Serving 15-20? You betcha we can do that! Serving 25-50? Hell yeah the more the merrier! Regardless if it’s a large wedding or small get together to celebrate strange town can cater your event.

We specialize in seasonal, local farm to table dishes. We can cater to those with allergies, and food sensitivities. Our bar program specializes in seasonal cocktails as well as small production booze. We are no only Milwaukee's first natural wine bar, but also specialize in armaros, vermouth, and digestifs.

Don’t worry we got you! Let’s get those deets and get started